Indian Princess

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Published on Monday, 07 February 2011 06:58
Written by Joe
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About 25 years ago my great-grandmother, Henrietta Teschner, told me a story about an ancestor that was Native American. Henrietta was in the Park Falls retirement home at the time.

The story was an ancestor was on the reservation and became in love with one of the Native American girls. A deal was struck and the two were married, This girl was the daughter of the tribal leader and therefore a princess.

She told me that I was part Native American. This peaked my interest since I was in grade school at the time and the thought of being Native American was exciting. It still would be exciting. This is the story that started my interest in Fleischfresser family history.

In my research I have not found this ancestor and do not know if the story is true. I have come across other stories like this and found it is a common story used to either spice up family history for children.

My dad has told me that Charley Teschner lived on the Native American reservation north of Butternut. This would have been around the time my grandpa was buying his land in Butternut or the mid-1960's.