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New addition born

Our baby girl was born 6/30/2011, 8 lbs 12 oz and 21.5 inches.

Grandma Interview Finally Worked

I was at my aunt and uncles house and my grandma was there for a birthday celebration. I have asked her to help me fill out the family tree in the past but she has refused. She does not like computers. She has even acted like she is hiding horrible past. I think she thinks the computer will suck out her soul.

This time with grandma was different. I stopped thinking she can help with dates and specifics anymore. Now I just want stories to juice up the family history. My plan was to ask for the funniest acts she could remember family. To spice up the information I wanted to know the naughtiest things she can remember family doing.

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Renewed activity in genealogy

I have not been actively researching genealogy information since 2006. I had been hitting too many dead ends and my time was too limited.

I received a few requests lately and this has rekindled my interest. Unfortunately my information has not produced a link to the other branches of Fleischfresser. The connections appear to have been in Europe in the early 19th century, before Germany.

Both of my grandmas are having health problems. Although it has been more than a decade since I could interview them and be able to rely on the information as accurate. It will not be long before I cannot ask them any more questions.

I want to preserve the family history and try to rekindle family connections. I still have a family tree that I have been working on for many years that I will expand and try to use legal documents to ensure accuracy.


One on the way

I have a new reason to be interested in genealogy. It is my daughter to be. She will be born this summer. Sara and I just found out the sex in an ultrasound this week.

We have two boys and soon to be two girls. The Fleischfresser house will be full.

When Sara was pregnant with Zack I started making my first family trees. I want to preserve the family information so the kids can realize they have deep roots.

Attached is a 3D ultrasound picture

3D Ultrasound of Baby